6 Gait Analysis Options

A gait analysis provides video-based feedback on running biomechanics. With the assistance of a professional, these observations can help you avoid injury, improve running efficiency, and adjust your workouts. In many cases, the cost can be shared with your insurance provider.

Gait Analysis Procedure

Gait Analysis Options

Below are several options to get a gait analysis in Chicago. Some focus on athletic performance and others specialize in injury rehabilitation. Many utilize DartFish software, which provides advanced feedback on biomechanical patters.

Chicago Area Runners Association | Wrigleyville | CFR PICK | $160 for non-members
CARA offers gait analysis by Bill Leach, the former running coach at DePaul and University of Illinois. It’s not the most technological option, but the coach’s 30+ years of experience is arguably better than any software. His analysis includes a 60-minute video analysis and a follow-up session to discuss a 16-page customized report. If you don’t have time to meet, you can submit your own video and have it analyzed for $50.

Bill Leach CARA

On Your Mark | West Loop & Bucktown | CFR PICK | $250
On Your Mark has two locations (both rated FitGrade A) that provide personal training, group classes, and performance assessments. Their gait analysis includes a DartFish-based video session and a follow-up discussion. Based on the results, OYM trainers provide corrective exercises and help you develop a customized lifting program.

OYM Gait Analysis

Athletico Physical Therapy | Multiple Locations | $150 out of pocket
Athletico offers a variety of services to help you overcome injuries and improve athletic performance. Their gait analysis is based on DartFish video technology. Each participant receives a customized CD that features slow-motion, frame-by-frame, joint angle, and multi-angle analysis. Results are discussed at a follow-up session. Insurance will cover a portion of the fee if you get a prescription for the analysis.

NovaCare Rehabilitation | Multiple Locations | $115 out of pocket
NovaCare specializes in injury rehabilitation. They provide aquatic therapy, “anti-gravity” treadmills, and gait analysis to help you get back to form. The analysis utilizes DartFish software and includes a follow-up session. Insurance will cover a portion of the fee if you get a prescription.

The Running Institute | Loop | Depends on insurance
The Running Institute provides comprehensive medical and wellness programs for runners. The team includes a sports-medicine podiatrist, a foot and ankle specialist, a chiropractor, and other professionals. Primary services include custom orthotics, prolotherapy, nutrition coaching, and other procedures. The organization also provides Video Gait Analysis and running shoe fitting.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago | Streeterville | Depends on insurance
RIC is geared toward those with moderate to severe gait disorders. The facility runs a Motion Analysis Center equipped with a variety of technology to measure functional movement. The program begins with a physical exam followed by a high-tech analysis that utilizes anatomical electrodes.

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