Sean Griffin // Functional Movement

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ABOUT // Sean believes that functional movement, which simulates natural motion, is the foundation of fitness. His experience is largely rooted in proper technique, which he uses to help people prevent injury and reach peak performance. In addition to serving as our Functional Movement Expert, he is the owner and lead coach at Chicago Primal Gym.

BACKGROUND // After spending two years in Corporate Finance, Sean made the decision to pursue his lifelong passion for fitness. He quickly gained experience at several top facilities, including an internship under Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman at Indianapolis Fitness & Sports Training. He also worked with D-1 athletes at Loyola University, coached group classes in West Loop, and ultimately established Chicago Primal Gym in 2013.

CERTIFICATION // Sean specializes in strength training and functional movements. In 2014, he expects to expand his expertise to kettlebell training and MovNat.

Sean Griffin Certification

CONTRIBUTION // In partnership with Chicago Fitness Report, Sean is producing a video series that will help you build a platform for optimal performance.

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